What Patients are Saying...

About the Renascence Experience

  • “…I am feeling better, looking better and more energetic than any time in my life. You have helped me with not only controlling my diabetes but keeping track of my body as a whole.” – S.O

  • “I feel like a young man again!” – M.W.

  • “This is our one-year follow-up on our journey to health, fitness and longevity. We are re-inspired to continue with our learning and changing. It’s been hard, fun and very satisfying – great experience!!” S.E. & J.E.

  • “This was a life-changing experience. Thank you for this opportunity.” - J.E. & S.E.

  • “Thank you for the most comprehensive life-changing experience that I will strive to perfect. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for life has been an inspiration.” - B.P.

  • “In a world which is longing for truth, authenticity, and caring in our health delivery system, our experience with you was most revealing and refreshing…To say Thank You would be an understatement.” – B.S.

  • “It has been such an enlightening day – thank you for sharing your wisdom, expertise and advice with me. I am certain that this is truly a new beginning. I also am gratified to know that there are true doctors in the world – those who care about wellness and prevention more than symptoms.” - E.Z.

  • “Rediscovering myself – who I am and mapping my future physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and support as I look to aging with enthusiasm.” - S.H.

  • “Today has been a blessing, a life-changing, transforming day…a day I will reflect back on, luxuriate in, and be blessed with, anew and anew. Thank you for your deep and true knowledge and for the healing blessings you have shared with me today. I look forward to co-creating health for myself, and those I touch through and with your help and guidance...Love, blessings and joy to you.” - C.H.

  • “I had high expectations, and they were exceeded. Just what I have been seeking and more. A fascinating look into my whole being, and a path to personal abundance I can pursue wholeheartedly." - J.E.

  • “What an amazing day! You provided me with the information I need to go forth into the next chapter of my life in optimal health. Thank you.” - G. C.

  • “Today is the beginning of an experience of a lifetime. I am exhilarated, tired, excited, curious, full of information that I am anticipating using and growing from. I can’t thank you enough.” -A.M.

  • “I learned more than I expected and will not only start to implement these practices in my life but spread the word as well.” - J.U.

  • “Thank you for taking the time to properly prepare your vessel so that you could nourish so many of us until we could fill our own vessels.” - P.E.

  • “Your time, our wisdom and guidance are truly appreciated. My journey is going to be so much more rich and purposeful as a result of our time together. Thank you.” - A.S.

  • “Wonderful, wonderful!” - T.G.

  • “Incredible…not just a learning experience but a very satisfying emotional experience.” - C.P.

  • “Thank you very much for inspiring me to make these changes in my lifestyle.” - S.O.

  • “I’ve been blessed and inspired at having spent this time with you. Thank you so very much.” - J.B.

  • “Thank you for all your patience ad insights in helping me to create a better me!” - C.W.

  • “I am overwhelmed by the amount of information (overwhelmed in a good way). Mostly amazed at how much effort and research has gone into your program and how much of yourself you give to your patients. Thank you!” - D.W.

  • “This will be a day I will remember as giving me the possibility for a wonderful new adventure into a lifestyle to create a new, healthy, wonderful me. Thank you.” - C.S.

  • “You have encouraged me so much and especially at this time of my life. Your understanding of the human body is amazing. I look forward to the changes and results I will experience. Thank you so very much.” - W.W.

About Gregory W. Petersburg, D.O.

  • “Your knowledge and enthusiasm for life has been an inspiration.” - B.P.

  • “You’re a wonderful teacher.” - J.N.

  • “Thank you for your being-ness…and sharing your authentic healing being-ness in our world.” - C.H.

  • “Just listening to you speak was educational and inspirational. Thanks again.” - S.R.

  • “Thank you for the passion and personal integrity that you live. The obvious way that you live what you teach is an amazing inspiration. And my competitive spirit – if nothing else – will help motivate me. Thanks – and this doesn’t even talk about the spiritual quality.” - L.C.

  • “From the heart…your life’s work will change the world for the better. Your sensitivity, knowledge and experience can only lead people to a better life.” - J.B.

  • “Our experience with you was most meaningful and deepens as time goes by.” – B.S.

  • “It’s so different to have a doctor that actually cares.” - M.W.

  • “You are an inspiration for me to take more control of my life in the things you say and teach and also in the way you live your life. Thanks.” - R.S.

  • “It is so rare to encounter a person so willing to invest in every aspect of another’s well-being. Thanks so much for your wonderful advice, insights and encouragement!” - E.Z.

  • “Thank you so much for your patience and passion for teaching.” - J.U

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