The Renascence Story

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, the world was about to change forever. Born in beautiful Tuscany, Italy, during the 14th century, the Renaissance broke us out of prevailing paradigms about everything: art, science, religion, and the individual. The Renaissance was a time and a force for inspiration, creativity, change, and renewal. It was an ‘awakening’ of sorts, and this is where the story of Renascence begins.

Renascence means awakening, coming into being. It is also the name of our place of work (founded in 2003), and serves as a reminder of our mission. Think of the Renaissance as a metaphor for our work. Like the Renaissance of the past, Renascence takes an enlightened and inspired approach to healthy living and aging. While the Renaissance was the “Age of Enlightenment,” Renascence serves as the “Enlightenment of Aging.” Our purpose is to help individuals experience a personal health renaissance. Your journey begins here then, as the ‘renascent’ artist of the rest of your life – coming into being… again.

Traditional medical training is good at helping you out once you develop health problems but falls short when it comes to improving your overall health or preventing the most common dysfunctions and diseases associated with aging. We’ve therefore come to think of traditional ‘sick care’ as downstream medicine, waiting for you to get in the rough rapids of your health journey before intervening. At Renascence, we believe upstream medicine is a better way, helping you to remain or return to the calmer upstream waters of your health journey for as long as possible.

The Renascence Approach

“Within each one of us resides the capacity to make of our remaining days a personal Renaissance”

At Renascence, we choose to approach your health destiny as great Explorers, Scientists, Humanists, and Artists. As Explorers, together we can discover much about how you arrived here regarding your health, and where you might still be able to take your health. As the Scientist we measure your current health status and, on an ongoing basis, the results of your heroic efforts to achieve your highest level of health. As Humanists we acknowledge the reality that, as humans, we are prone to fall off our chosen path from time to time. Therefore, we teach the six REALMS© of whole-person aging to sustain you on your health journey. Finally, through careful planning and much practice you will ‘paint’ a masterpiece on your canvas of life, as the ‘Artist of the rest of our life.’

Our Philosophy

Normal aging and pathologic (premature) aging are different

  • Pathologic aging, which is the aging process brought on by the presence of preventable disease and dysfunction, is not part of natural or “normal” aging
  • The declines with age are far more related to a lifetime of unenlightened choices than they are to the ticking of a clock
  • Unhealthy choices may lead to functional biologic age equivalent to someone 15-20 years older

We are changed by defining experiences

  • Life-transforming changes are more often driven by our ‘gut reactions’ and emotions than by reason
  • When we embrace the richness of our past, we can begin to uncover the treasures of our future
  • The only true experiences occur when we live in the present moment
  • The ultimate life experience is that of enlightened aging

Proactive-aging medicine seeks to

  • Embrace and celebrate natural aging and every stage of life
  • Optimize whole-person well-being and vitality – physically, intellectually, emotionally, & spiritually
  • Prevent, diminish, delay, or reverse pathological causes of premature aging and mortality

Effective intervention suggests that every process of aging be addressed

  • We can positively impact the pathways of aging, resulting in slower and more uniform decline in our functional ability, balance, and reserve capacity
  • Longer life spans are the result of healthy choices and interventions

We are the Artist of the rest of our life

  • Our life is a living work of art
  • We do not exist to find ourselves. We exist to create ourselves

Optimum whole-person aging is more than the imitation of youth

  • With the passage of time comes the accumulation of meaningful experiences, and wisdom, which can be shared with others
  • We have enhanced opportunities to find greater happiness, a more holistic self-awareness and acceptance, and spiritual enlightenment

Our Mission

Renascence is on a quest to

  • Demystify the processes of aging, and become a beacon of hope for a better life
  • Empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and support to fulfill their health potential
  • Guide individuals on their personal journey to enlightened well-being
  • Be an inspiring source of personal transformation in all who aspire to live the life they have imagined

Our Values

Whole-Person Care

We embrace the importance of viewing people as the unity of body, intellect, emotion, spirit, & the systems/environments in which they live, and attending to each dimension.

Our Relationships

We view the relationship between the patient and the health care provider as one of connecting with others, knowing what we have in common, helping, and being helped.

We are deeply respectful of the wishes and experience of the individual patient, and value the patient as a true active partner in their own care.


  • We will be true to Self in our work, and we will be who we proclaim to be
  • We will guide patients to live a life that resonates with their true & original Self
  • “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” - Lao Tzu

Self Care

We will become the change we wish to see in our patients through teaching by example and embodying a philosophy of self-care.

We will prepare patients to become accountable for their own health to effectively prevent, delay, minimize, or reverse age-related decline and diseases.

Evidence-Based Care

We support informed decision-making based on the best available evidence on the safety and effectiveness of all treatment and lifestyle options.


  • With intention, we will deliver ‘guided experiences’ for all who aspire to meaningful and lasting personal health transformations

Our Manifesto

Our public declaration and promise to you

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