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Lifestyle & Proactive-Aging Programs

The gradual wasting away of the body over the course of decades is not a necessary or normal component of aging. Rather, it is the natural outcome from a lifetime of unenlightened choices. Through unhealthy choices you may actually function and be aging biologically at the same level as someone 15-20 years older. The question is, how can you be one of those people who function and age biologically at a level equivalent to someone who is many years younger than you?

The answer can be found at Renascence. Depending on how far you wish to go, Renascence offers the following youthful aging consultative services. All services are provided one-on-one with Gregory W. Petersburg, D.O.

Proactive Lifestyle
& preventative-aging program

This premiere half-day consultation is truly for those who aspire to reach their highest level of wellness and maximally delay, prevent, and possibly reverse degenerative diseases of aging. It is a total body, mind, and spirit approach to wellness. Selected by nearly all our patients, this is the only way to go if you are serious about experiencing a higher quality of life. The doctor personally devotes the entire session with you.

You will begin functioning many years younger biologically with your customized, physician-supervised program. Patients typically describe the Renascence Comprehensive Lifestyle & Proactive Aging Program as a “life-changing experience.”

Your Proactive Lifestyle & Preventive Aging Consultation at Renascence includes:

  • Holistic and integrative assessment of your medical history and personal lifestyle
  • Comprehensive blood analysis for biomarkers of aging, hormone levels, metabolic assessments, and disease risk factors
  • Complete nutrition analysis
  • Comprehensive physical performance testing
  • Biomarker measurements of your functional age
  • Physical examination
  • Biological age determination (versus chronological age)
  • Personal Lifestyle & Proactive Aging Program, including individualized physician recommendations together with one-on-one education in each of the following areas:
    • Optimum nutritional lifestyle
    • Nutritional supplementation
    • Fitness and exercise
    • Youthful bioidentical hormone replenishment
    • Stress-response management techniques
  • Lifestyle & Proactive Aging Program manual individualized just for you, covering all clinical findings, test results and interpretation, comprehensive recommendations, and corresponding education materials
  • One-on-one physician consultation and instruction

Youthful Hormone Replenishment

We age, in part, because our hormones decline. Hormones are the body’s communication system that regulates cellular functions and genetic expression. You were the healthiest when hormones were at optimal levels in your youthful prime. It is when hormones decline or when synthetic hormones are introduced to the body that we see problems, including but not limited to: depression, fatigue, decreased sexual desire/performance, difficulty sleeping, inability to lose weight, reduced mental clarity, and the onset of aging-related health problems and diseases.

At Renascence, we individualize Bio-Identical Hormone Replenishment Therapy (BHRT) to address hormonal decline, which can restore vitality and delay many aging-related health problems.

This program includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your hormone blood levels
  • Assessment of your medical history and symptoms
  • Focused physical examination
  • Customized recommendations to safely replenish your hormones to achieve a youthful balance
  • Personalized patient manual containing a report of your evaluation findings, detailed recommendations for bioidentical hormone replenishment therapy, and hormone education material
  • All aspects of safe hormone replenishment will be addressed, specifically for you
  • One-on-one physician consultation and instruction


Obesity is the fastest growing health problem in the U.S. Managing a healthy weight becomes increasingly difficult as we age, and most diets fail because they are not individualized to your needs.

Renascence is different. We’ll create a unique, personalized, physician-led program just for you. Not only can we help you achieve your ideal weight, we can give you the tools to increase your overall health, increase your vitality, and experience life-long weight management success.

Ongoing Proactive-Aging
Health Management

Prevention only works when it is planned and when ongoing action is taken to forestall aging-related declines. Unlike the conventional approach of seeking medical services after a medical problem develops, Renascence encourages proactive intervention. To ensure your long-life success, Renascence provides planned, ongoing, one-on-one physician guidance, monitoring, coaching, and clinical support, with renewable 6-month and 12-month clinical management agreements. Telephone management is available for patients living out of state who cannot return to Renascence for regular preventive follow-up visits.

Seminars & Practice Consultancy

Onsite Education Programs & Seminars

Aging is inevitable for everyone. However, the medical evidence is clear that diseases and declines that come with aging may be delayed or avoided. How? Lifestyle & Proactive Aging Medicine, the newest and fastest growing medical specialty, offers hope through comprehensive, evidence-based age management.

Patient-hosted events, groups, organizations, and businesses aspiring to promote greater vitality and optimum health have the opportunity to bring enlightenment, knowledge, and hope through onsite educational programs. The Renascence mission is to demystify the processes of aging and give individuals the knowledge and skills needed to live the life they have imagined. Learn directly from the expert, Gregory W. Petersburg, D.O. Specializing exclusively in preventive-aging medicine, Dr. Petersburg is a popular and engaging speaker internationally. A variety of programs are available to meet your needs – including one-time lectures, lecture series, and half-day seminars.

Professional Practice Consultancy

The expectation of aging Baby Boomers seeking healthcare intervention isn’t just great service… it's personal transformation. The catalysts for meaningful and lasting transformation are powerful ‘defining’ personal experiences. At Renascence, the patient experience is so unique that it has been recognized nationally by experts in the field of ‘designed experiences’ as one of the top ten customer experience providers in the nation. Dr. Petersburg is a Designed Experience consultant to healthcare businesses and practitioners aspiring to create memorable experiences that captivate and transform patients, and to uniquely distinguish their business from the competition. When you and your business are ready to create and guide practice-transforming experiences, and are determined to take your healthcare business to a new level, this is just what the doctor ordered.

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