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Dr. Greg Petersburg, D.O.

Dr. Petersburg specializes exclusively in lifestyle & proactive aging medicine. Individuals who aspire to take control of the aging process and optimize the aging experience travel from coast to coast to seek his clinical expertise. His business, Renascence, has been recognized as one of the top ten customer experience providers in the U.S.

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Our Inspiration

The New World of enlightened medicine
...built on the principles of old world Renaissance ideals

The Explorer

Before your journey of youthful aging can begin, you need a personal MAP to know where you are health-wise.

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The Humanist

As humans, we are prone to fall off our chosen path from time to time. We offer the six REALMS for your aging journey.

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The Scientist

Anyone aspiring to age successfully will embrace experience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes.

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The Artist

Approach your canvas of life as an artist does. Learn to use the tools of the trade and then practice, practice, practice.

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What patients are saying about their Renascence experience & Gregory W. Petersburg, D.O.

  • "I feel like a young man again!"


  • “This is our one-year follow-up on our journey to health, fitness, and longevity. We are re-inspired to continue with our learning and changing. It’s been hard, fun, and very satisfying – great experience!!”

    S.E. & J.E.

  • “Thank you for the most comprehensive life-changing experience that I will strive to perfect. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for life has been an inspiration.”


  • “In a world which is longing for truth, authenticity, and caring in our health delivery system, our experience with you was most revealing and refreshing…To say Thank You would be an understatement.”


  • “It has been such an enlightening day – thank you for sharing your wisdom, expertise and advice with me. I am certain that this is truly a new beginning. I also am gratified to know that there are true doctors in the world – those who care about wellness and prevention more than symptoms.”


  • “…I am feeling better, looking better and more energetic than any time in my life. You have helped me with not only controlling my diabetes but keeping track of my body as a whole.”


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