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Take measure of your aging & personal transformation

A notable rebirth occurred in the Sciences during the Renaissance period. It was a time of renewed commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. At Renascence we call this Dimostrazione. Anyone aspiring to age successfully will embrace this principle as a way of life.

Your personal MAP, previously described, will include some ‘measurements’ of you. As you progress along your transformational journey to youthful vitality you will want to periodically repeat measures to mark and assess your progress.

It is our belief that most age-related disease and disability results from a decline in one or more of three areas: Ability, Balance, and Capacity. At Renascence we call them the ABCs of aging. A decline in any area will ultimately shorten your health expectancy, and possibly your life expectancy. What’s more, we believe that each one of us have the opportunity to slow or reverse the decline within these areas.

Think of a fountain as a reservoir. Now, imagine a fountain within you. When you were young we could stay out all night and be good to go the next morning. When exposed to infectious agents they rarely put you out of commission for long or seriously. When you fell you didn’t readily break a bone. You could handle things no matter how full your plate. The reservoirs within you were full and afforded you the capacity to weather storms without apparent damage.

As we age things change. We no longer have the same energy after a long night. Illnesses hit us harder and it takes longer to recover. We are more prone to injury and broken bones. It is more difficult to manage the stresses that come with a full plate. In short, our reservoirs are becoming depleted; they are running dry.

A loss of reserve capacity inevitably accompanies aging, without intentional and active intervention. In most instances, however, it is possible to not only slow the depletion of your capacities but to actually significantly increase and restore reserve capacity to youthful levels.


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