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Create your MAP to living younger longer

The Renaissance was a time of great exploration and discovery. The wise and successful explorer always relied on a map, to know where he was, where he came from and where he was going. Before your journey of youthful aging can begin you, too, need a personal MAP to know where you are health-wise, and to provide directions to your goals. The Renascence personal MAP is made up of the informational coordinates required to triangulate your current state of health and vitality, identify possible risks along the journey, and clarify where you aspire to go and your preferences for getting there:

  • Medical - History, laboratory tests, physical testing and examination. This set of coordinates tells us where you are on your life journey in terms of health and vitality. It also identifies some of the inherent health risks you face.
  • Aspirations and Goals –These coordinates tell us where you want your life journey to take you in terms of your health and vitality.
  • Preferences and Demographics – These coordinates identify some of your personal likes and needs for your life journey of healthy aging. Do you wish to take the scenic route or the more direct expressway?

Prior to your Personal Evaluation Day at Renascence you were asked to complete a detailed questionnaire. Your answers provided the medical history and key information needed to understand your personal aspirations and preferences. Laboratory tests were also performed prior to your visit. This information has been integrated with the testing and examination during your Personal Evaluation Day to construct your MAP.

As an Explorer you will review the path you have taken thus far (medical history and lifestyle choices) and look for hints of potential hazards (aging-related decline and dysfunction) ahead. The astute explorer learns from past choices to avoid repeating them. This is an essential element of the Renascence principle for successful aging we call Dimostrazione. It encourages you, as an Explorer, to have courage and the willingness to learn from mistakes.

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